How to Get a GCKey for My Service Canada After Personal Access Code? - 1

How to Get a GCKey for My Service Canada After Personal Access Code?

This process to get a GCKey for My service Canada after one gets their Personal Access Code is required if someone wants to check their CPP, EI or OAS online at Service Canada.

What Are the Requirements Needed to Register for a GCKey?

There is a list of things that one would require to start with the process:

  •  Personal Access Code letter from Service Canada
  • Social Insurance Number
  • Date of birth and province or territory of residence
  • A User Id (8 character minimum) and a password (8 character minimum) which are specific for every individual that they themselves would like to use

How to Register for a GCKey?

  • Go to
  • Read if there are any warning messages regarding recent frauds
  • Click on the link, “Are you a first-time user? Register now!”
  • Then click on the Access My Service Canada Account

On the Access My Service Canada Account Screen:

  • To see an example of how to use an Access Key to set up a GCKey, click on the link: Tutorial-transitioning from Access Key to GCKey
  • The first step is to register with GCKey. Near the bottom of the screen, look for the message, To log in or register with GCKey, select the GCKey button below
    And then click on the GCKey button

On the GCKey Log In or Register Screen:

  • Read the message
  • Then to get a GCKey, Register for a new GCKey, click on the link, “Register”

On the GCKey Registration Step 1 of 2 Screen:

  • Read the Terms and Conditions of Use and then click on the button: I accept

In case someone declines, they cannot continue further with the procedure.

The Create Your Registration Information Screen:

  • In the Create Your User ID field, type the combination of letters and numbers that one wants to use when they sign in to their My Service Canada account. Don’t use a user id for email or any other program
  • From the Select, a Recovery Question drop-down list, click on the downward pointing arrow, then choose the question one wants to answer
  • In the My Recovery Answer field, type the response to the selected question.
  • In the My Memorable Person field, type the name of someone one will be able to remember
  • In the My Memorable Person hint field, type a clue to remember the individual’s identity
  • In the My Memorable Date field, type the date of something memorable to the user
  • In the My Memorable Date Hint field, type some clues to that date.
  • In the Create Your Password field, type a long password using uppercase and lowercase letters and some numbers
  • Then click on the Continue button.

The GCKey Registration Complete Screen:

  • Click Continue.

The Client Confirmation Screen:

Option 1 states “I am a new user, or I have forgotten my previous user ID and/or password”

  • Below Option 1, one needs to click to select the radio button beside Register
  • Then one needs to click on the Continue button

Read the Personal information collection statement then click on the “I Agree” button.

The Authentication Screen:

  • In the Social Insurance Number field, type the SIN
  • In the Date of Birth area, type the year of birth, then select the month and day from the drop-down lists
  • In the EI access code/CPP/OAS personal access code field type the Personal Access Code from the letter from Service Canada
  • From the Province or Territory drop-down list select the place where one lives
  • Then click on the Submit button.

Confirming the New User ID and Password Screen:

  • Either click on the Continue button to use Service Canada
  • Or to leave the service, click on the button called, Log out

One needs to read the Privacy Notice and Terms and Conditions carefully and then click on I agree. After this, the My Service Canada splash screen will open. When one has completed the process be sure to click on the Log out button near the top right side of the screen. Then click on the logout confirmation button on the next screen. It is best to close the browser for added security measures.

This was all information we curated on How to Get a GCKey for My Service Canada, we hope you have found the solution you were looking for, and just in case if you face any issues, kindly do drop by in the comments and we would get back to you ASAP.

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